Our History

Nemesis Metals Building FrontNemesis Metals was founded on the idea of “we can do it, and we can do it better.”

Nemesis Metals was brought together by Joe Skelton and Joe Draven.  With Joe Skelton’s background in Management, Sales and Welding,  and Joe Draven’s background in Lasers, Press Brakes and Engineering, it made for a perfect fit.  They formed a business plan that could not be refused, a few months later in August of 2006 Nemesis Metals doors opened.

The beginning led the way for the Nemesis philosophy of hard work and dedication to its customers.  The team of Joe and Joe, working 24-7, with 6,000 sq. ft. of production space, began producing quality parts and record delivery times that truly started opening more doors, making it possible to hire employees and the rapid growth we see today.

And we’re not looking back!

Our Commitment 
Here at Nemesis Metals, we value our customers and look forward to providing the best service possible.  This all starts with our employees taking pride in the work that they do: Welders, Laser Operators, Press Brake Operators, Machinists and the Shipping department all make sure our customers get their product right… and on time.

Quality starts with each individual checking each part in their department before going to our Quality Control department to be fully inspected and recorded before shipping — bringing us one step closer to becoming ISO certified.  Our Engineers are continually working with our customers to help design prototypes as well as assist in cost saving re-designs.

From concept to completion, we can do it all.